Peter Christman

Peter Christman is the co-founder of the Exit Planning Institute and sought-after speaker, author, former corporate executive, and founder of The Christman Group. After beginning his career in investment banking, Peter Christman was introduced to family business ownership where he developed a deep understanding of the industry.    

Has Diversification Gone out of Style?

Fat ties, bellbottoms and pocket squares go in and out of style over the years. Clean-shaven could be the look for a time, followed by beards of all different shapes and sizes. Short skirts, long dresses, mini skirts, pants will fill the stores and take their turn as the style of the moment. The constant: … Continue reading Has Diversification Gone out of Style?

10 Important Ingredients to Financial Success

Financial planning, much like a good recipe, can only be truly successful when it is customized to your tastes. However, the omission of key components or ingredients can lead to less-than-optimal results. These key financial tactics will help support your overall financial strategy and your desired long-term outcome. Live within your means. “Budget” might be … Continue reading 10 Important Ingredients to Financial Success